I am A Crafty Lass. This identity would be total news to the younger me who ate buttered noodles instead of vegetables and considered salad to be croutons tossed in Thousand Island dressing. I’ve come a long way since then - loving nothing more than a bottle of wine, excellent company, and a perfect, simple meal. I’ll pretty much eat anything that’s put in front of me with the exception of cilantro which I hope to one day eradicate from the earth.

Although I grew up in Illinois and lived in Minnesota for many years, I currently call Western Australia home. The sunny skies, incredible beaches and ample selection of amazing year-round local produce is a daily inspiration.

This blog is a journal about the foods I eat, the recipes I create, and the cookbooks I love. It is for the crafty, or for those who enjoy the fruits of our crafty labors.

Drop me a line at: erin1000[at]gmail[dot]com.

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