Sunday, March 22, 2009

Agua de Horchata

Guestblogger Manda: I’m not a Mexican but I try to be one from time to time. Sometimes I think people like me best because of it. Thanks to Erin for letting me showcase one of the beverages from the Morales house. Mexican - Irish, kinda different but kinda the same…

I do my best to try to keep my newly immigrated husband happy by making food he grew up with. I also like to impress his family with my gringa methods and positive outcomes. One of my favorite mexi-treats is Agua de Horchata. Each time I have traveled to Mexico, I have survived the trip on this yummy beverage as I think much of the food his family serves me is too oily. I instead opt for the jug of delicious cinnamon rice milk. Some people think it tastes like a candle, I think it tastes refreshing. Agua de Horchata is best served very cold over ice in a tall glass.

Here’s how you make it:

Soak 2 cups of white rice and a cinnamon stick in water to cover over night. The next day, drain off the water, bust out the blender and blend the rice and cinnamon stick on high for a long time. You will need to add a little water as it blends to keep the mixture smooth and creamy. Once you can smell the motor burning and are tired of listening to the grind, pour the rice/cinnamon mixture through a sieve into a gallon pitcher. Add cold water to fill the pitcher, 1 1/2 cups of sugar and vanilla to taste. Stir thoroughly.

You must drink up the Agua within a day or so because left over Agua de Horchata is smelly and not good. Impress your friends with this traditional Mexican drink, but make sure to stir it up before pouring it into their ice-filled glass. The mixture tends to settle, leaving all the love at the bottom.


Elenna said...

YUM! I just had this a few weeks ago as Casa Gallardo's and LOVED it there. Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this sounds tasty. Especially on a nice spring day :)