Friday, January 2, 2009

A Different Sort of Cheeseball

This recipe, quite festive for a gathering, comes from The New York Times and is something I have made several times this past holiday season. I think it a fine way to kick off this blog since several people have asked me for the recipe after having eaten the non-orange, non-cheddar deliciousness of this unique Cheeseball. After I made it the first time, it was quite easy to throw it together after that, not worrying about being too fussy with the measurements. The only thing I omitted from the original recipe is the celery which I don't enjoy all that much. Three cheeses, cumin and coriander* seed, lemon juice and zest, fresh mint and a nice coating of salted chopped pistachios comes together to deliver a light, toasty, citrusy bite that would be just as good in the winter months as it would in the summer. I absolutely think that Carr's Whole Wheat Crackers are the perfect accompaniment.

You can find the recipe here.

*As you will hear repeatedly in this blog, I detest cilantro deeply. Coriander seed is indeed the seed of the wretched cilantro plant but thankfully, it does not bother me at all nor does it cause me to want to gargle bleach.


Scott Rohr said...

My new year's resolution is to love your new blog. Wait, I've already fulfilled my resolution. Sweet!

Sean said...

I don't mind cilantro, but a tiny bit goes a long way. I think when people "discovered" your hated herb in the early '90s, they went off the deep end. (Sort of like what happened with reality TV.)